Great Tips on Selecting the Right Bookcase

Great Tips on Selecting the Right Bookcase

Choosing a bookcase with drawers may seem straightforward and simple but there are many aspects that should be taken into account. After setting your budget, you need to consider aspects like design, functionality, colors and material. Don’t forget about maintenance as well.

Like other pieces of furniture, your small bookcase needs regular cleaning too. If you opt for an open back type, you may spend more time on cleaning since it’s prone to accumulate more dust and dirt. The closed back type requires less time for cleaning. If you choose a living room bookshelf that is made from wood, you have to spend time cleaning and sanding the wood. A steel bookcase requires less maintenance.

Nowadays, there are various bookshelves with cabinets that are made from different raw materials. The most common one is plywood, which is classified as engineered wood. This is because a number of wood veneers are bonded together to make plywood. Generally, plywood is light, strong and durable. Also, it’s not as costly as solid wood such as oak, mahogany, maple, cedar and teak.

Various Designs and Functionality

Functionality of a small bookshelf is something that you need to consider before you get one from Tylko. Do you redecorate the room frequently? If you do, you may want to look at a large bookcase with wheels for mobility. Also, if you are planning to place your decorative vases or other larger ornaments together with your books later on, adjustable shelves might be the answer.

If the idea of claiming to the world that you are a bookworm appeals, consider the bookworm type of bookcase. As its name implies, it resembles a worm and is a floating type. This storage bookshelf ( is flexible and sturdy. Also, it adds an artistic, modern touch to your living space.

For a fixed shape bookcase with storage, there is the cube type. It is symmetrical in shape and adds a modern, clean and bold look to your room. For something traditional, simple and fitting in any setting, the rectangular type of short bookcase is the better option. If space is a constraint and you want to keep your fragile ornament pieces away from constant traffic, a corner bookcase is the best choice.

You can place the books you want to read together with the ornament pieces on the shelves. The corner type also fills the corner space so that it doesn’t seem empty. Another space saving option is the ladder bookshelf storage, which is shaped like a ladder and leans on a wall. It adds a touch of modern, chic look to your room.